Astrid Gillenius

- Sculptor

My chief inspiration is the human figure. I play with different ways of comunicating feelings and states of mind through the body. To interact and use your own body with my sculptures is something I find especially exciting and rewarding since it often makes people engage with the sculptures in a playful way. I often use intuition when I start sculpting or drawing, I get a clear image in my head of what I want to express. The way I sculpt is based on a figurative academic training that I modify in various ways, for example through playing with scale and porportion.

I have studied, lived and worked with sculpture in Italy, New York City and London. I sculpt in clay and granite and cast in plaster, jesmonite and bronze.


  • Koster´s Gardens(Kosters Trädgårdar), Koster 2022
  • Rivercity Gallery, Gothenburg 2021
  • Pop up exhibition with MIR, Gothenburg 2021
  • Summerexhibition KKV-B, Skärholmen 2011-2022
  • Kronovalls winecastle, Kronovall 2015- 2019
  • Galleri Roddarhuset, Stockholm 2013- 2019
  • Le Murate, Florence, Italy 2015
  • Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping 2014
  • The Town Hall, Marstrand 2014
  • Galleri Backlund, Gothenburg 2014
  • Atelier Z, Avenue de la Grande Armée, Paris, 2013
  • Kulturhuset Fregatten, Stenungsund 2013
  • Konstgalleriet i Åhus, Åhus 2013
  • Villa Pisani, Museo Nazionale, Venize, Italy 2013
  • Scandinavian Realism, Galleri Scandinavia, Göteborg 2008
  • Alumni Exhibition, the Florence Academy of Art, Florence 2007


I studied sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and I have a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been collaborating with the artistic foundry Art´ù in Florence and I have also been sculpting for Madame Tussauds production in London. Collaborating with artists in Italy, America, The UK, Sweden and Ireland has enriched me as a person and it inspires me to have a multicultural aproach when I create my work. I currently live and work on the West Coast in Sweden.

  • +46 (0)702 31 61 33
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